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Ministry Services 

Church WithOut Walls is a ministry that seeks to save the true lost at any cost. At Church WithOut Walls, we use a 3 bases and home plate system. At first base we express relevance to each person that worships with us at our Sunday morning worship service. At second base we express an immense level of love to those who decides to connect with our ministry (this is not to say we don’t express love to our visitors and guest; WE DO!). At third base (through small groups) we express transparency with our members who are seeking to become all that God has called them to be. Finally, our home plate is the place we desire for all the members at Church WithOut Walls to be. This is the place where members will not only be empowered themselves, but they will begin to empower others to move forward in the calling that’s upon their lives.

"The Church that's Saving the True Lost at Any Cost." -Luke 14:23

Our Mission

Church WithOut Walls reaches out to the most vulnerable youth and families throughout Flint and Genesee County. We are a Center of Hope to those searching for renewed Life, purpose, and Direction. Healing the True Lost, fostering Hope, and providing Access both spiritually and physically is our Charge. We strive on the Mission of Outreach and Leadership, equipping youth, families with the necessary tools to be healthy, happy, Functioning Witnesses in the Body of Christ.

Our Mission

Our Vision

It is our vision to reach out to the TRUE LOST people in this world, and provide them an opportunity to become everything they’ve ever imagined to be in this life and in the life hereafter.

Furthermore, CWOW will not only offer help to the spirit of mankind, but we will also (with the help of God) invest in the mind, body, and the soul of each and every individual we come in contact with.

CWOW will strive to never be a ministry that only focus on the spirit of mankind, but ultimately our agenda will consist of investing and bringing healing to the TOTAL PERSON while they live their life here on earth. CWOW will carry out this vision by offering an adequate amount of biblical and natural resources to each individual we come in contact with.

CWOW have also been assured by the spirit of God., that when this type of attention is given to mankind in the earth realm, it guarantee a manifested presence of God’s power in each individual’s life. Therefore, CWOW shall be a ministry that allows you to come as you are, but we guarantee that you’ll always leave as HE is!

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