Our Pastor


Pastor Martez S. Warren was born in the city of Flint, MI. He currently serves as the senior pastor of Without Walls Intl. Church. He is also the founder of Five-Fold Outreach which is an organization that serves and assists the community at large, and also provides assistance to many displaced individuals especially the youth and young adult of our generation.

     Pastor Warren lived a rough and challenging life in the streets of Flint, MI. Pastor Warren spent 5 years of his life selling drugs, running in gangs, carrying guns, and committing hideous criminal acts that brought about a lot of hurt to himself and many others. However, between the years of 1992-93 Pastor Warren decided to put the drugs, guns and violence down, and decided to turn his life around for the greater good.

    With limited leadership and help available to him, this turn for the good was everything but easy for Pastor Warren. Pastor Warren had to fight for his liberation, and he did so in spite of all the challenges and obstacles he faced along the way. Ultimately Pastor Warren was able to leave the lifestyle that was geared towards destroying himself and others, and he began following a more positive role in life.

     In December of 1993, Pastor Warren went from being a hardcore, dope dealing, gun carrying gangster, to becoming a mouthpiece of hope to the same environment he once invested negativity in. Pastor Warren used his liberation to go back and help other individuals who were both mentally and physically screaming for help.


Pastor Warren continues to fight for those who can’t fight for themselves. Pastor Warren has made it his business to bring about change in our society at whatever cost the price may be. Pastor Warren is respected nationwide, and many have acknowledged that wherever he is, his presence brings about an atmosphere of peace, hope, encouragement.

Worship Services 

Sunday Morning Worship - 10:00 AM*

Wednesday Evening Bible Study – 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm

Baptisms are done Every 1st Sunday in Jan., Apr., Jul., Oct., and Dec.

Weekly Services will take place every Wednesday of the Month.  Additional Christian Education Classes will be offered throughout the year.

*Transportation is available to Sunday Services. Please call church by Saturday at 810-238-700 and leave a detailed message with name, address, phone number, and number of passengers.

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