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What Happening at CWOW?

  • God’s Guidance

    We all have friends and family to talk too when we are going through troubles but if you want the BEST kind of comfort go to God. If you want the best advice open you bible and read HIS word. Be guided by the lord.

  • Everyday is a fresh start.

    Everyday is a fresh start. God does not want you to worry about past mistakes or transgressions. He wants you to LEARN, FIX, and GROW. The lord does not want you to focus on the problem. He wants you focused on the solution and the future. Our God wants up

  • Worship starts at 10:00 AM

    Time to start getting ready to worship the Lord. Don’t be late to CWOW and miss worshiping in the spirit. Set an atmosphere where the Lord sees you and WANTS to bless you. Move HIM today with your outcry for HIM. Honor God, thank him for his love and mercy.